Solution-Think about the affects at the cellular level | Homework Help

Biology in the news –

Below are links for your first biology in the news assignment.  Please pick one of these topics and:

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Solution-Think about the affects at the cellular level | Homework Help
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1. Agree or disagree with this comment using scientific literature (i.e. if you state an opinion or assumption you must back this up with scientific fact)

2. Relate it to the biology we have learned in class (not lab), particularly think about the affects at the cellular level (What organelles does it impact?  Does it impact cellular respiration? Is it interrupting or preventing cellular work?)

3.  Make sure you answer the questions associated with your particular topic (found on page 2).

Topics (pick one)

Zika vs. larvicide: Zika has been in the news of late because of its possible link to microcephaly.  In this article new faction has aIDed to the debate by arguing that a chemical put in local water supply, used to kill mosquitos, is the culprit.  Chemicals in our water, either intentionally put or run-off from land, is an old controversy.  Many of these chemicals can have impacts on animals and humans.  For instance, IDT (an insecticide used on farms) caused the thinning of bald eagle eggs and brought that species to the brink of extinction.  Could the Zikalarvicide be causing problems?  How do these chemicals impact our bodies?

Chemical Larvicide Not Zika Virus, True Cause Of Brazil’s Microcephaly Outbreak: Doctors

AID/ADHD over diagnosis: Over the years many people have asserted AID/ADHD is over diagnosed in children, often siting how sedentary our lifestyles have become, bad parenting and diets, or the influence of pharmaceutical companies (who make the medication to treat the disease).  In Europe there are far fewer cases of AID/ADHD diagnosed, however, how they treat psychological problems (primarily fixing the route cause, not the symptoms of a problem) is also different than the US.  In this article the authors bring another debate to the over diagnosis of AID/ADHD.What is AID/ADHD biologically?  Do you believe it could be over diagnosed?  How do we treat it in the US?

Nutrition and academic/athletic performance: Fad diets are a way of life in the United States.  We are often inundated with the latest pill, nutrition plan or miracle exercise equipment.  However, often the root problem, improper nutrition is not aIDressed.  This article discusses how nutrition can affect scholastic and athletic performance.  How could improper nutrition impact you biologically?  How could the information in this article be applied to society in general (for instance children or populations who lack access to proper nutrition)?


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Zika vs larvicide, which is the culprit in causing microcephaly in new born babies is the theme of the report. Evidential references claimed to support that there is reasonable skeptism to believe that the Pyriprexofen, the larvicide may be responsible for microcephaly. Other part of the discussion inlcude the actual biological mechanism of larvicide impact in anthropods.


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