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Step One: Create a flyer for your annual festival to distribute in print form throughout your community. Be sure the flyer is colorful, attractive, easily understandable to people with varying reading abilities, and appropriately detailed without being too information-dense. Be sure to mention the festival’s guest speaker, too. In short, the flyer should be welcoming, easily understood, and accurately representative of your event.

Post your flyer to the Phase 3 Discussion Board area as an attached Word document so your classmates can review and evaluate its content.

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Solution-Supervisor for being collaborative and supportive | Homework Help
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Step Two: Write a progress report of 1-2 pages to your supervisor that aIDresses the following topics concerning your annual festival:

Initial greeting of thanks to your supervisor for being collaborative and supportive

General overview of how the project is proceeding

Operational successes

Description of a new festival activity

Description of challenges and problems confronting the planning teams

Current and projected cost analyses

Request for aIDitional assistance (if necessary)

Positive closing remarks that underscore the ongoing value of the project.


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