Solution-Some of the new policies designed to protect | Homework Help

Please respond to each question by including the following in BLACK INK:

  • Response statement to the questions using research to the question
  • In text citation
  • Reference link
  • Then aID your own question to generate others to respond.

Each Answer must have a total of 200 word count

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Solution-Some of the new policies designed to protect | Homework Help
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1.) What are some of the new policies designed to protect the environment in your community? How do they affect your life?  What problem are they aIDressing?  Are there any changes that you would like see made to these policies?

2.) What special green environment efforts that your community is preserving?

3.) Do you think it would be beneficial for American’s to take a note or two from other countries in how they run their trash and recycling systems?

4.) Can you think of any fun unexpected things that can be recycled?

5.) What purpose do the various trophic levels play in the ecosystem?  What would happen if they ceased to exist?

6.) Would the oceans get over populated and created an imbalance distribution of species of organisms?

7.) Explain how energy moves through the Desert Biome of USA’s Death Valley. Start with producers, move up to Keystone Predators, and complete the energy flow by including the decomposers.

8.) Name an organism that does not get its energy from anotherorganism?

9.) Do you think that predators or prey have more elaborate adaptations?  Why?  Examples?


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