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1. The body has numerous amounts of cells. Cells are the smallest living subunit of an organism. Cells are made up by even smaller organelles. For example the cilia of the trachea is psuedostratified squamous epithelium which means it is flat, it has many layers like a stack of pancakes and has cilia on it. The cilia function to sweep debris and pathogens into the highly acidic hydrochloric acid of the stomach where dust, debris and pathogens are dissolved. Pick a cell in the body and tell the class what you like about its specializations. What makes it unique and able to carry out its function? Review two of your peer’s selections and tell them what you like about their selection.

2. Now take it a step further and list for the class your two favorite organelles. What are their functions? Why did you choose this organelle?

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Solution-Smallest living subunit of an organism | Homework Help
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3. In the United States we travel by air, sea, and of course land. We have several ways to ship or transport goods from one place to another. Companies like UPS, FEDEX, and the government itself transports goods all over the world. Pick two of the following types of cellular transport (filtration, phagocytosis, pinocytosis, diffusion, active transport, facilitated diffusion and osmosis) and describe them to your classmates. What real life analogies can you make to these transport processes to help your class remember?


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