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Person 1- sitting, standing and laying down

Person 2- standing, laying down and sitting

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Solution-Sitting-standing and laying down | Homework Help
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Person 3- laying down, sitting and standing

Collect data from 3 test participants.  Please find participants that are not currently smoking or have not smoked in the last two years.

Have your participants sit in a chair, feet flat on the floor, and sitting up straight.  Count how many times each breathes per minute.  After the one minute is up, have the participants relax, take a break, get up and walk around, then repeat the test for a total of 5 times.  

You will need to perform this test with your participants standing up straight and laying down flat as well.  You will see that next to your name is an order that the test needs to be performed.  Please follow this order to fulfill the requirements of randomization in a scientific research study.

To compile the raw data, please use Google docs.  Please provide a link to your collaboration site when you post your results.  

Questions:  Does a person breathe more times per minute sitting down, standing up or laying down?  If you determine there is a difference in the respiration rate of the 3 positions, please provide an explanation. 


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