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Construct a minimum of 3 posts in total, each on a different day during the week which include your ideas about sustainable development.  Figure 2.1 on page 28 in the text outlines three decision areas that must be considered while attempting to accomplish the goal of development in a sustainable manner. These three decision areas include environmentally sound, economically viable, and socially equitable decision making. Discuss your views about each of these factors in relation to sustainable development, and explain how you might be impacted by changes made to one or more of these areas.  In your opinion, is sustainable development an obtainable goal in our world?  Do you personally support the idea of sustainable development and the three decision factors or do you oppose them- why?

Use valid references when possible by including a link to the source in your post.  No references are required for this discussion but they do bring validity to comments when included.  You may also comment on posts made by others in the class.   Please check for spelling and grammatical errors before submitting anything in this course.

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Solution-Problem regarding the sustainable development | Homework Help
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