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Population and Resource Limitations 

Directions: In the sciences we often perform what is called a back of the envelop calculation.  Let’s ask the question: Can China sustain itself if its entire population starts eating beef? 

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Solution-Population and resource limitations | Homework Help
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You can do this calculation quickly with only a piece of paper and Google, but a calculator might help. 

First see if you can find how much arable land there is in China and then the more involved part: how much land it would take to raise cattle to feed the population.  The key things you need to know are: How much land it takes to raise some weight of beef?  How much meat the average person (American) eats per day, and the population in China? 

Please submit your responses to the following: 

  • Step by step explanation of the numbers you used for the calculation.
  • Do you think there is enough arable land in China?  Please provide explanation.
  • This is a great deal of land required you most likely determined.  Find the state in America that is closest to the same amount of arable land that would be required.




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