Solution-Paper about the role of adenosine receptors | Homework Help

Write a final paper about the role of adenosine receptors, considering on a focus on caffeine withdrawal (perhaps limited to headaches/migraines) and will bring in basic neurobiology (which should be the foundation of the paper).


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Solution-Paper about the role of adenosine receptors | Homework Help
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  • Choose 3 original, definitive research articles published in scientific journals which relate to the topic.
  • Places to look for are: Journal of Neuroscience, Nature Neuroscience. Trends in Neuroscience or Google Scholar


  • 10 double-spaced pages with 1 inch margins; Create a catchy title please
  • 12-point type; Times New Roman
  • References should be outside the page limit and they must follow a standard APA format.
  • NO WIKI.
  • In-text citations must be in the paper (Author, year) (Author et al., year)
  • If copying from a book. It must be paraphrased.


  • Provide a brief intro about the topic, placing it in a broad context in neurobiology and citing important previous work.
  • Briefly state the question and hypothesis about the one you’re aIDressing in the paper, the experimental approaches used and key observations that relate to the topic.
  • Figures may be included but you must cite the source.
  • Then, discuss the topic via a critique of the relevant papers, indicating how the paper does or does not support the hypothesis. If possible, suggest a different approach to the problem.


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