Solution-Offspring of the cross, 1. In pea seed, yellow (Y) | Homework Help

1. In pea seed, yellow (Y) is dominant to green (y) and smooth (S) is dominant to wrinkled (s). What are the possible genotypes for the offspring of the following cross: YySS and YYSs.

a. YYSS, YYss, yySS, yyss
b. YS, yS, YS, yS
c. Yy, SS, YY,S s
d. YYSS, YySS, YYSs, YySs

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Solution-Offspring of the cross, 1. In pea seed, yellow (Y) | Homework Help
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2. In humans, the allele for dimples (D) is dominant. The allele for not having dimples (d) is recessive. If a woman (ID) and a man (ID) have four children, how many of the children will not have dimples?

a. 0
b. 1
c. 2
d. 3
e. 4

3. Which of the following variations could be subject to natural selection?

a. A dog with short legs due to malnutrition is able to crawl into holes better than his litter mates.
b. A tree is not infested by a ground-dwelling beetle when the homeowner cuts the lower branches.
c. A hyena is born with a spotted fur pattern that allows it to hide in the grass better than his litter mates.
d. A pigeon learns that’s when its keeper comes near, it will be fed.
e. All of these variations may be acted on by natural selection.

4. What do plants and animals have in common?

a. They are both heterotrophic
b. They are both autotrophic
c. They are both prokaryotic
d. They are both eukaryotic
e. They are both hydrophobic

5. An ecologist is studying all the animals, plants, fungi, protists and bacteria, as well s the interactions among and between them in a forest. He is studying the ____________ in the forest.

a. niche
b. biome
c. community
d. population
e. habitat

6. Microevolution is defined as:

a. Changes in population size
b. Changes in the frequency of alleles in the gene pool
c. Changes in the composition of the population
d. Emergence of new species
e. Changes in community size

7. A zorse is the offspring produced through interbreeding between a horse and a zebra. Zorses are often preferred for riding because of their physical shape, but they are sterile. According to Linnaean taxonomy, are zebras and horses classified in the same species?

a. Yes
b. No
c. Sometimes
d. Not enough information to determine

8. Red rose color is incompletely dominant over white rose color. If a red rose is crossed with a pink rose, what percentage of the offspring will be pink?

a. 100
b. 75
c. 50
d. 25

9. Which of the following is support for the theory of evolution, which states that all life on Planet Earth arose from a common ancestor?

a. All life on Earth shares a common organic chemistry
b. All life on Earth has the same genetic material
c. All life on Earth has the same basic cellular structures
d. All life on Earth performs the same basic metabolic processes
e. All of the above
f. A, B, and C only


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