Solution-Moderate to vigorous physical exercise program | Homework Help

1. What are some of the benefits of a moderate to vigorous physical exercise program?

2. The following list of things include some things to consider when beginning an exercise program. Even if you have an exercise program in place, which of the following do you consider helpful/could be helpful to you?

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Solution-Moderate to vigorous physical exercise program | Homework Help
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a) Start slowly

b) Vary your activities, make it fun

c) Include friends and others

d) Set specific attainable goals and monitor progress

e) Set aside a specific time each day for exercise; build it into your routine, but make it convenient

f) Reward yourself for being successful in keeping up with your goals

g) Don’t worry about occasional setbacks; focus on the long-term benefits to your health

3. Explain, generally, how ATP is made from ADP and how ATP is used for energy to do work in the body.

4. What is the function of phosphocreatine?  What kind of activity is it used for/during?

5. How much glycogen is stored in muscle tissue?  Where is it rest stored?

6. Give an example of an anaerobic activity.  Define the term anaerobic.

7. Describe how ATP is burned during anaerobic activity.

8. Why can’t anaerobic activity be sustained?

9. What is the fuel source during anaerobic activity?

10. Explain why people accumulate less lactic acid if they are fit than if they are at the beginning of a fitness program.

11. Define the term aerobic. Give an example of an aerobic activity.

12. What is the main fuel source for aerobic workouts?

13. What happens when an athlete ‘bonks’?

14. What kind of exercise is fat burned most efficiently?

15. Protein is burned as an energy source during what kind of activity?

16. What is the main fuel source during weightlifting?

17. What percent of an athlete’s diet should consist of carbohydrates?

18. What would good sources of carbohydrates be in a diet?  Why?

19. What are the recommendations for fat intake for athletes?  Give examples of fatty foods to eat and not eat.

20. What are the recommendations for protein intake for athletes?


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