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Select three (3) ORGAN systems and explain how they work together to maintain homeostasis in the body. Include in your answer: a clear definition of homeostasis, a description of each of the 3 organ systems, and how each of the 3 organ systems coordinates with the other two in maintaining homeostasis in the body. SEE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW.

EXAMPLE: As you respond to this question, consider three (3) organ systems that need to work together (such as, the digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems). Each involves the other in some way.  How do they work together to make sure the body is working properly (in homeostasis)? In other words, how does the CS work with the RS; how does the RS work with the DS; how does the DS work with the CS?

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Solution-Maintain homeostasis in the body | Homework Help
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INSTRUCTIONS: (3 parts to question)

  1. Explain CLEARLY what homeostasis means.
  2. Explain BRIEFLY how each of theTHREE OSs works. (Identify theprimary organsand thepurposeof each of the 3 OSs)
  3. Then explain how the threeorgan systemswork with each otherto maintain homeostasis.Connect each OS with the other two. Use the following format:
  • OS1-OS2
  • OS1-OS3
  • OS2-OS3


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