Solution-Lifestyle choices affect the cardiovascular system | Homework Help

1. Focusing on how lifestyle choices affect the cardiovascular system, identify a lifestyle choice (specific foods in diet, exercise, smoking, etc…) and briefly explain the structural &/or functional influences of this lifestyle choice in the development of cardiovascular disease.

2. Though some people clearly benefit from lifestyle choices promoting cardiovascular health, there are some misguided reasons people adopt these choices. What are these reasons and what do you think is important information for them to have?

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Solution-Lifestyle choices affect the cardiovascular system | Homework Help
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3. How have you or someone you know experienced a social change by being selective in his/her lifestyle choices to prevent cardiovascular disease? (restaurant choices, birthday celebrations, family and friend get-togethers, food shopping, conversations at work, with friends, or at home, etc) If you don’t know someone, what assumptions can you make that are supported by your research on this topic?

4. Choose one hormone from the textbook information related to the cardiovascular system and briefly describe its influence on maintaining normal blood pressure.


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