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1. A student is observing a cell under the microscope. It is observed to have supercoiled DNA with histones. Which of the following would also be observed by the student?

a. A single circular chromosome

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Solution-In cellular metabolism, each enzyme has a high | Homework Help
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b. A nucleus

c. Free-floating nuclear material

d. No organelles

2. A nurse is instructing the staff about cellular functions. Which cellular function is the nurse describing when an isolated cell absorbs oxygen and uses it to transform nutrients to energy?

a. Metabolic absorption

b. Communication

c. Secretion

d. Respiration
3. A eukaryotic cell is undergoing DNA replication. In which region of the cell would most of the genetic information be contained?

a. Mitochondria

b. Ribosome

c. Nucleolus

d. Nucleus

4. The fluid mosaic model for biologic membranes describes membrane behavior. According to this model, which of the following float singly or as aggregates in the fluid lipid bilayer?

a. Peripheral membrane proteins

b. Integral membrane proteins

c. Glycoproteins

d. Cell adhesion molecules
5. Which of the following can bind to plasma membrane receptors?

a. Oxygen

b. Ribosomes

c. Amphipathic lipids

d. Ligands

6. A nurse is reviewing a report from a patient with metastatic cancer. What finding would support the diagnosis of metastatic cancer? Alterations in extracellular matrix that include:

a. Decreased fibronectin

b. Increased collagen

c. Decreased elastin

d. Increased glycoproteins

7. Which form of cell communication is used to relate to other cells in direct physical contact?

a. Cell junction

b. Gap junction

c. Desmosomes

d. Tight junctions

8. Pancreatic beta cells secrete insulin, which inhibits secretion of glucagon from neighboring alpha cells. This action is an example of which of the following signaling types?

a. Paracrine

b. Autocrine

c. Neurohormonal

d. Hormonal

9. In cellular metabolism, each enzyme has a high affinity for a:

a. Solute

b. Substrate

c. Receptor

d. Ribosome

10. An athlete runs a marathon, after which his muscles feel fatigued and unable to contract. The athlete asks the nurse why this happened. How should the nurse respond? A deficiency in ________ can cause impaired muscle contraction.

a. GTP

b. AMP

c. ATP

d. GMP


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