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Bio Lab: Life Is Significant

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Solution-Identify biological levels of organization | Homework Help
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The molecular structure of oak wood is comparable in complexity to the structure of the Brooklyn Bridge. Your text uses this comparison to argue that ____________.

Design at Multiple Levels

Microbiological Architecture

“Body systems work with each other in highly related ways.” Which principle of life does this statement illustrate?

Identify biological levels of organization.


Biomolecules are composed of ____________.
Cells of a similar type are organized into a ____________.
A macro-molecular structure in a cell is composed of ____________.

Arrange the biological levels of organization described in your text from simplest to most complex.


atom – biomolecule – macromolecular structure – organelle
Macrobiological Systems

Identify biological levels of organization.


A collection of different populations forms a(n) ____________.
All ecosystems on the earth taken together are called a(n) ____________.

Distinguish the way most scholars use the word “community” from the way a biologist uses that term.

Arrange the biological levels of organization described in your text from simplest to most complex.


individual – population – community – ecosystem
Unity within Diversity
Diversity of Styles

List the major groups of organisms within a three-domain system of classification.

List the major groups of organisms within a six-kingdom system of classification.

Unity in Essence

Associate the principle “Life Is Information Expressed” with a molecule that is this principle’s starting point.

Identify 2 requirements that drive and direct the growth of any living thing.

Recall the 2 principles of life that describe these 2 requirements.

Toward a Description of Life

Explain why life cannot be defined. It cannot be simply defined because living things exhibit way too much ____________ and ____________.

Decreases in oxygen level at high altitudes cause hemoglobin levels in the bloodstream to rise. Which principle of life does this statement illustrate?

Teleology, Start to Finish

Examples of design in nature lead many to believe there is a purpose lying behind the design. This idea is best captured in what term?

The term “teleology” expresses the idea that behind the designs seen in nature there lies a more ultimate ____________.

“A mouse runs because natural selection happens to have given it feet.” What sort of philosopher would make this statement?

A mouse has feet for the purpose of running. Is this statement teleological or non-teleological?

Recognize 2 arguments that serious scholars of design use in order to see teleology in nature.

To Summarize

Recognize examples and non-examples of 12 principles of life on which this course is based.

Presentation: Biblical Basis of Life’s Significance

Recall the reference or location of 4 Bible passages that each give a reason for life’s significance.

Understanding Life’s Design

How Design Is Understood

Doing Science

Recognize elements of the scientific method based on their description in your textbook.

A skillful scientist can use a well-asked question to fashion a testable ____________.

Place the following activities in their correct order: designing an experiment that yields data, deciding how much data to collect, running the experiment that generates the data, collecting the data, interpreting the data to validate or discredit a model “Whales communicate over many miles using different frequencies of sound.” Would this statement be best described as a specific numerical item of data? a large set of data items? an interpretation of many large sets of data items? an initial hypothesis regarding how whales might communicate? a conclusion reached as a result of logical thought about communication?

Rational Experimentation: Two Examples

The Effect of Sleep on Disease Resistance

Scientists wish to know if a vaccine against flu virus will be responded to in a patient by the production of antibodies in the bloodstream. Injection of the vaccine is an example of what element of the scientific method?

“Sleep deprivation results in a decreased ability of the body to challenge pathogens.” What sort of statement is this? Is it an example of data? Or is it an interpretation of data?

“A sleep-deprived individual has antibody levels that are exactly 1/3 as high as those of a normal individual.” What sort of statement is this?

Is it an example of data? Or is it an interpretation of data?

Experimenting with Prayer

Which of the following activities would not be included in the scientific method? validating information, thinking about problems, experimenting, observing results, changing data

Prayer for a cardiac patient will reduce the severity of hospital intervention during the patient’s recovery. This statement is an example of a(n) ____________.

In the study on prayer for heart patients, which of the following would be the hardest thing to control for? doctor activities, hospital features, structure of experimental or control groups, praying people outside of the experimental study

Seeing a Bigger Picture
Approaching Truth
List 2 separate approaches to truth.
Comparing Truth Sources

In traditional Western culture, what are 2 widely accepted sources of truth?

According to your text, which of these 2 truth sources is more objective?

Your text presents scientific truth as error-prone, but it still asserts that it is a valid source of truth. What are 3 reasons found in this part of Section 2.3?

Limits to Truth

What is 1 limitation that scientists face in being sure they possess scientific “truth” ?

The Value of Truth from Two Sources

Your text presents scientific truth as error-prone, but it still asserts that it is a valid source of truth. What is 1 aIDitional reason found in this part of Section 2.3?

Scholars face 2 inherent difficulties when they try to scientifically apply revealed truth to the natural world. What are they?

When considering the question of origins, what is the value of having two complementary truth sources?

Complexity I: Versatile Elemental Structure

A Brief History of Understanding Matter
Revealing Matter’s Complexity

Any substance found in nature will be either a(n) ____________, a(n) ____________, or a(n) ____________.

What is a technique that is useful for separating compounds out of a mixture?

____________ are made up of molecules that are a combination of two or more elements.

The smallest particle of a compound (that has all the properties of the compound) is a(n) ____________.

Arrange the following terms in order of their complexity: atom, proton, neutron, electron, molecule

A(n) ____________ cannot be degraded further by ordinary physical or chemical means.

The tiniest, most miniscule bit of a pure elemental substance is a(n) ____________.

Atomic Structure
What Are Its Parts?

Name and describe the parts and regions within an atom.

A cloud of ____________ spins around a dense, centrally-positioned nucleus.
In a normal atom, how does the number of protons compare to the number of electrons?
Neutrons are located within the ____________ of the atom.
In the arrangement of particles within any atom, the outermost sort of particle is always the ____________.

Describe the net charge of a proton, a neutron, and an electron.
When an atom loses an electron, it becomes a positively charged ____________.
A(n) ____________ is an “atom” that has lost or gained one or more electrons.
Do Neutrons Make Any Difference? What’s an Isotope?
The aIDition of neutrons to an atom affects its ____________ but not its ____________.

How Are the Parts of an Atom Arranged?

Electrons are arranged within spherical ____________ arranged in concentric ____________ in the structure of atoms.
Chemical Bonding
Ion Formation and Ionic Bonding
Sodium ions are attracted to chloride ions because they are ____________.

Covalent Bonding

The best term to describe the electrons that are involved in a covalent bond is that they are ____________ by each of the two atoms involved.

Polarity in Water Molecules and Hydrogen Bonding

In forming a water molecule, the ____________ atom with six electrons in its outer shell forms two covalent bond(s) with two ____________ atoms.

Atoms share electrons ____________ in a polar covalent bond.

Within a water molecule, the electrons spend most of their time attracted more closely to ____________.

In a water molecule, the ____________ bond between the oxygen and a hydrogen atom is ____________ because the shared electrons orbit closer to the larger oxygen atom.

Complexity II: Molecular Efficiency and Variety

Give 4 examples from the living world that exhibit well-designed structures supporting well-designed functions.

In an organism, the structure of a(n) ____________ determines its function; in a cell, the structure of a(n) ____________ determines its function.

The Centrality of Carbon to the Organic Molecules of Life

What makes the carbon atom uniquely suited to building large molecules?

Define the terms “monomer” and “polymer” and relate them to each other.

Construction and Degradation of Organic Molecules

A condensation reaction joins two organic molecules together creating an H+ ion and an -OH ion. What then happens to these two ions?
Virtually all monomer in cells are built into polymers by removing ____________ from one monomer and ____________ from the other monomer, and using these products to form ____________.


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