Solution-Human papilloma virus, Human Papilloma Virus. Read | Homework Help

Human Papilloma Virus. Read this review on how HPV controls the expression of its genes and explain to the class how HPV uses splicing and polyadenylation to regulate production of viral proteins.

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Solution-Human papilloma virus, Human Papilloma Virus. Read | Homework Help
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Baculovirus Bacuolviruses are ubiquitously used in life sciences research to produce large quantities of recombinant proteins. Describe how baculoviruses are engineered to produce recombinant proteins including how genes are engineered into virus to ensure high level protein production.

For those of you not presenting a seminar this week, please complete the following Discussion Board assignment: 

Since viruses do not possess their own protein translation machinery, they are reliant on the host protein production apparatus to produce their viral proteins. Viruses have evolved a variety of ingenious mechanisms to produce the necessary proteins with their limited coding capacities and ensure that viral RNAs can compete with cellular RNAs for access to the host translation apparatus. For this week’s discussion board assignment, we are going to use a permutation of the medical school training method of “…Find one, share one, and teach one.” Each of you should research the protein translation mechanisms of your semester virus and find a mechanism by which you virus either expands its coding capacity (e.g. ribosomal frameshift, ribosome shunting) or alters the host translation apparatus to ensure production of viral proteins. I have included a couple of papers in the assignments module that may help you identify mechanisms for your virus. Next you should teach the rest of the class about the mechanism you have chosen. For example, if you chose ribosomal frameshift, explain to the class what a ribosomal frame is and how it works. Finally, share with the class how the mechanism works in the context of your semester virus and how it is advantageous to the virus. 

This assignment can either be completed using a text post with pictures, 1-2 PowerPoint slides or a short (2-3 min max) Jing presentation. After your colleagues have posted their Find, Teach, Share posts, please ask questions about others presentations and engage one another in developing a better understanding of viral translation mechanisms.


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