Solution-How is surveillance of the tissues carried out | Homework Help

The text book I am using is the following: Foundations in Microbiology (8th Ed.) Kathleen Park Talaro and Barry Chess.
1. Describe the formation of bacterial endospores.

2. Describe the structure of an endospore, and explain its function.

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Solution-How is surveillance of the tissues carried out | Homework Help
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3. Explain why an endospore is not considered a reproductive body.

4. Why are endospores so difficult to destroy?

5. Describe the relationship between arthropod vectors and the parasites they carry.

6. Explain several ways that vectors infect other hosts with the parasites.

7. Outline the major vector groups and examples of diseases they carry.

8. Describe the main elements of the process through which the immune system distinguishes self from foreign cells and particles.

9. How is surveillance of the tissues carried out?

10. What is responsible for it?

11. What does the term nonself mean in reference to the immune system?

12. Contrast active and passive immunity in terms of how each is acquired, how long it lasts, whether memory is triggered, how soon it becomes effective, and what immune cells and substances are involved.

13. Name at least two major ways that natural and artificial immunities are different.


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