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Discussion 1- Species and Scientific Correction

Imagine you are explaining to a friend what the term species means. In your own words define the term species then provide three (3) examples of different species. Next determine three (3) ways that species within a genus are often related to one another. Furthermore, in your response briefly describe how the word “related” is being used when discussing species and genus.

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Solution-How do varied membrane composition | Homework Help
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Discussion 2- Mitochondria, Water, Molecules, and Cell Structures

Consider three (3) structures and functions of a cell then provide a 100 to 250 word explanation based on the following question: “How do varied membrane composition and the structural features of molecules in different cells contribute to membrane function?”

Discussion 3- Energy Sources and Energy for LifeDiscuss three (3) types of energy sources used by cells then provide two (2) examples of when / in what cells / situations your chosen energy sources are used. Next describe two (2) forms of transport within the cell and the specific energy source used in each form of transport.



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