Solution-How can it be that the major mnc breweries | Homework Help

Please read case study of Carlsberg in attachment,  and answer the question, I need specific answer for my essay thank you very much.

Question 1

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Solution-How can it be that the major mnc breweries | Homework Help
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How can it be that the major MNC breweries today are from relatively small countries(Demark, Belgium, Holland and South Africa) and not from large countries( such as Germany, the UK, the Us) which also have long tradition of brewing?

Question 2

Carlsberg follows a typical pattern of internationalization in relation to investment (first export, then licencing, then joint ventures, then full ownership), but not in relation to geographical entrance, where the market selection seems to be scattered (for example, first foreign direct investment in Malawi). What could be the reason for a scattered entry strategy?

Question 3

In many cases, Carlsberg enter through a partial acquisition strategy. Discuss the pros and cons of such a strategy. In comparison, what would be the advantages of entering by full ownership?

Question 4

Do you see any challenges or conflicts of beging a Glocal MNC company( being global and local at the same time? )

Attachment:- BE216 Individual Essay 2015-16 (SP) – Case Study.pdf


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