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Create a patient scenario but don’t give away the disease. First explain the terms opportunistic and true pathogen. Also differentiate between syndrome, signs and symptoms of disease so everyone will have an idea of what needs to be presented for diagnosis. Here are a list of some bacterial diseases, you can choose from here or use one that you found-

1. Acne

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Solution-Explain the terms opportunistic and true pathogen | Homework Help
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2. Folliculitis

3. Buruli Ulcer

4. Pyoderma

5. Necrotizing fasciitis

6. Cat scratch disease

7. Spotted fever rickettsiosis

8. Cutaneous anthrax

9. Gas gangrene

10. Bacterial meningitis

11. Hansen’s disease

12. Botulism

13. Tetanus

14. Bacteremia/Septicemia/Toxemia

15. Endocarditis

16. Brucellosis

17. Tularemia

18. Plague

19. Lyme disease

20. Ehrlichiosis

21. Anaplasmosis

22. Streptococcal pharyngitis

23. Diphtheria

24. Pneumococcal pneumonia

25. Klebsiella pneumonia

26. Legionnaires’s disease

27. Pertussis

28. Tuberculosis

29. Periodontal diseases (dental carries, gingivitis, etc.)

30. Peptic ulcers

31. Bacterial gastroenteritis

32. Shigellosis

33. Campylobacter diarrhea

34. C.diff, diarrhea

35. Salmenollosis

36. Typhoid fever

37. Cholera

38. Bacterial intoxication

39. Leptospirosis

40. Streptococcal acute glomerulonephritis


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