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Need a 1000-1250 word essay that explain the benefits organic foods have on the environment, This essay requires a thesis statement that outlines at least three benefits, introductory paragraph, opposition paragraph. I need at least 6 references with in text citations


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Solution-Explain the benefits organic foods have | Homework Help
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The assignment is about organic food and its benefits. Various merits and demerits from the perspective of health and environment have been discussed. The assignment has been written on MS word. Times now roman, 12 in font; double spaced and APA format for referencing were used.

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Organic food and their effects on our environment

In the last few decades, a buzz has been created around organic foods and its effects. People in different countries have shown an inclination towards buying and consuming organic food products starting from tea to vegetables to fruits to meat. This is because of the fact that organic foods are believed to having fewer side effects for men, keep the environment clean and the degree of sustainability is quite high.

Though most of the people have a positive perception about organic food and its benefit, there exist many who believe that these are not long lasting, the products are expensive, and it takes a lot of time to produce organic foods.

Analyzing both the merits as well as the demerits of organic foods and especially their effects on the environment, more often than not it has been seen that merits outweigh demerits, so the consumption of organic foods would lead to a betterment of the living beings as well as the environment.


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