Solution-Explain how dna is packaged into chromosomes | Homework Help

Question 1 – In which we explore gene expression.

A. Explain how differential gene expression yields a variety of cell types in a multi-cellular eukaryote.

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Solution-Explain how dna is packaged into chromosomes | Homework Help
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B. Explain how DNA is packaged into chromosomes. Explain how packing influences gene expression.

C. Explain the process and significance of alternative DNA splicing.

Question 2 – In which we explore how populations evolve.

A. Choose and describe how three different areas of biology support evolution.

B. Describe an evolutionary or phylogenetic tree and discuss how this tree can be used to represent ancestral relationships.

C. Describe how mutation and sexual selection produce genetic variation.

D. Describe the Founder effect. Discuss how the founder effect influences microevolution.

Question 3 – In which we discuss DNA technology.

A. Describe the process in which restriction enzymes “cut and paste” DNA into plasmids.

B. Describe how nucleic acid probes can identify a gene in a plasmid.

C. Describe how different organisms are used to mass-produce proteins of human interest.

D. Describe how forensic DNA profiling works.


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