Solution-Explain dissection of fetus pig essay | Homework Help

Dissection of fetus pig essay

The lab was a female pig 28cm with 14 niples. we did some sagittal cut and extract all the organs .

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Solution-Explain dissection of fetus pig essay | Homework Help
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liver 6.5cm anchor x 5.0 high
lungs 6.0cm anchor x 9 high
right kidney 2.0 anchor x 4 high
left kidney 2.0acm anchor x 4
heart 3.5cm anchor x 5cm
spleen 6.5cm anchor x 1.5
pancreas 4.5cm 1.5cm
stomach 5.5cm x 2.0cm
tonge 1.5cm x3cm
appendix 5cm
small intestine 313cm
large intestine 42cm
gallblaIDer1.5 anchor

We also need to explain the dissection of the specimen, describe part and your observations. provide measurements. what is the bump under the chin and what is the tendon that was attached to the umbilical.

And also in othoner page but same project talking all about DNA HOW they do it first, what they look for and how we differenciate. what is te the gene that is gonna differenciate us. why it can be not relate to you can have your same gene.


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