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This project requires you to first pick any country that you would like to work on. No two students are allowed to pick the same country.

Name of the UN Delegate for this country (you) _________________________

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Solution-Explain contributing factors | Homework Help
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Step 1: Define indicators, find statistics and explain contributing factors (causes) and implications (effects) for children for your country. Hint: you may wish to break down the children’s ages by certain age groups.

Step 2: Search your country’s profile on site and choose ONE issue to focus on and present to class. Try to choose an issue that you have found some background information on through your statistics search. Print at least one copy of the article to work from. All articles have to be in English. Read your article well and keep a copy to submit with your work.

Step 3: Select three factors that you feel are important in demonstrating the needs of your country. These must be connected to the issue you are explaining.

Step 4: Present your findings (presentation) on your country to the class at the United Nations delegates meeting – causes and effects; questions for debate and solutions.

Step 5: Turn in your articles, presentations notes and the attached.


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