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You live in a rural are. Your local radio station reports the results of an experiment a high school student conducted to test the effects of a healthy diet on the saturated fat content of cow’s milk. The student’s father bought 6 cows from two different sellers. Cows from seller 1 were fed the student’s special mixed-grass diet; the other cows from seller 2 were fed the usual animal feed. The student discovered that milk from the cows had lower saturated fat than then cows fed the usual feed. The radio station report created a lot of attention and coverage in other media beyond the local radio station. The student thought he might look into a financial sponsor to promote and even patent his special mixed-grass diet. Based on this limited information and using the scientific method:

I. What problems do you see with the student’s study?

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Solution-Experiment a high school student | Homework Help
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II. Help the student develop a better question followed by a hypothesis. Then …

III. Design a brief experiment to test your hypothesis (make sure to indicate a control) and describe (in brief) predicted results.

(The reading for this week will also help you in this exercise).

Note: You may get material from the Internet or books, but please include a proper reference or references in your answer (e.g., website URLs, book author and title)

Please do not use Wikipedia,, or other websites that are not peer-reviewed.*.gov sites are OK (e.g., and NIH-affiliated sites – there are many of them). Also, various pharmaceutical company websites like,,, etc. can be used for referencing. *.edu sites are mostly OK, too.


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