Solution-Evolutionary biologists often compare the | Homework Help

1. Evolutionary biologists often compare the morphological features of different organisms to look for relationships to determine how they have changed over time. Describe a study an evolutionary biologist might carry out in determining whether two species share a common ancestor, based on morphology.

2.  In a species of turtle, an observable trait is influenced by a gene that has only two alleles, G and g, and G is completely dominant over g. A population of 200 turtles includes 50 individuals who are homozygous recessive for the trait. A change in environmental conditions occurs, putting these individuals at a disadvantage in terms of survival. Describe a graph that would show how the frequency of G and g change over time, assuming the environmental conditions persist. Be sure your description explains the shape of the graph and labels that would need to be included.

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Solution-Evolutionary biologists often compare the | Homework Help
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