Solution-Discuss four exceptions to the safety data sheet | Homework Help

1) Identify the four types of precautionary statements used for HazCom labels, and provide sample wording for each.

2) In OSHA’s HazCom Standard, what are “signal words,” and how are they used? Provide examples in your response.

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Solution-Discuss four exceptions to the safety data sheet | Homework Help
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3) Describe an example of a workplace situation in which a container of hazardous material is not required to be labeled.

4) OSHA’s HazCom Standard requires one of eight specific pictograms be included on container labels. For four of the pictograms, provide an example of a chemical that would require its use.

5) Explain the differences between product safety labeling and environmental signage.

6) According to the Hazard Communication Standard, what employees need to be trained, and when do they need to be trained?

7) For what substances does OSHA require SDSs to be readily available to employees?

8) For hazard communication training to be considered effective, what does each employee need to understand upon competing training?

9) What information must be on labels of containers holding hazardous chemicals?

10) List and briefly discuss four exceptions to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) requirements of the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS).


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