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Vinegar, which is just a dilute acetic acid solution, is very common and versatile. The concentration of store-bought vinegar, around a 5.0% solution by mass, and its density is approximately 1.01 g/mL

a) suppose I dilute this vinegar into a bottle to 3 parts water, to 1 part water (in other words, I make a solution that is 25% as strong as it was) . Determine the molarity of this vinegar solution.

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Solution-Dilute acetic acid solution | Homework Help
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b) If I use 2 cups (473.2 mL) of this new vinegar solution from part (a) to help create a cleaning solution for my windows, how many molecules of acidic acid is this?

c) How many atoms of carbon are in 2 cups of this new vinegar you made in part (a)? Work must be shown and explained and remember to account for significant figures.


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