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Question 1:

Levels of steroid hormones (like testosterone and corticosterone) are related to the dynamics and outcome ofaggressive disputes in many animals. However, are steroid hormone levels thecause or the consequence of aggressive interactions? For example, do animals with high testosterone levels become dominant, or does dominance status resultin elevated testosterone levels? Devise an experiment to test these twoalternatives.

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Solution-Devise an experiment to test these twoalternatives | Homework Help
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Question 2:

Fatal fighting is expectedto occur only when the value of the currently contested resource is muchgreater than the value of resources that could be obtained in the future. Howmight levels of competition and kinship alter these predictions?

Question 3:

Do you think past fighting experience affects social animals in the same manner as it affects solitary animals? Provide a hypothesis that aIDresses why winning or losing experiences would have the same (or different) effects on solitary versus social animals Q4 View the video and describe the behaviors of the animals in this interaction. The video is about 10 minutes long, and is annotated.

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Question 5:

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As per the studies, the major focus is on the different levels of mating of the mammals which try to significantly affect the change in the behavior. As per the research, there are E2 content which tries to elevate the level of aggression. These atypical mammals are generally those are finding new causes for the same.

The Ralls and other dimorphism are those mammals which try to facilitate and indulge in the aggression by impacting the phenotypes of the females. As per the proximities, it has been seen that there are certain neuroendocrine which are generally found in mail either absent or in the form of reversed-sex part.

(Golomb et al., 2015). To handle the higher level of positivity, the androgen exposure leads to handling the juvenile so that the higher levels of exposure could be handled. The nucleus of the brain is related with the behavioral factor which dominate the discussion about removing the hormones and confirming to implicate better level of the tests.

In an experiment it was seen that with a higher testosterone level, one could easily get less obese with a much better and stronger person with heart. The bones are generally stimulated work more energetically whereas the dominance level in an individual just increases anger with no health benefits rather with risk at heart.


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