Solution-Determining the evolution and extinction | Homework Help

Case: (Evolution and Extinction)

Biodiversity:  Why save the bears? Or any other animal or plant from extinction?

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Solution-Determining the evolution and extinction | Homework Help
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Presently, a global biodiversity crisis exists.  Extinction of many familiar animals and plants is taking place at an unusual rapid pace.  Extinction is part of the evolutionary natural process but human disruption of the natural process is causing the extinction of not only animals but also plants.

1. Classify the causes of extinction.

2. Compare natural and human influenced causes of extinction.

Within the comparison indicate and provide one example of the factors that influenced the specific extinction process of the organism of your choice [ animal or plant].

You can develop a PowerPoint presentation (will need citations) or if you choose to write aNews article of 500 words max.  Please do not use any personal pronouns.

If you write a news article, you must follow APA format style and citations.

If you choose a PowerPoint, you need to follow APA for in-text citations and you must submit a reference slide. 

You will be graded on your appropriate use of APA in any writing that you do.


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