Solution-Determines maleness in mammals | Homework Help

Please thoroughly answer the following 5 questions.

How would you set up crosses to determine if a gene was Y linked versus X linked?

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Solution-Determines maleness in mammals | Homework Help
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A black female cat (XBXB) and an orange male cat (X0Y) were mated to each other and produced a male cat that was calico. Which sex chromosomes did this male offspring inherit from its mother and father? Remember that the presence of the Y chromosome determines maleness in mammals.

In Shorthorn cattle, coat color is controlled by a single gene that can exist as a red allele (R) or white allele (r). The heterozygotes (Rr) have a color called roan that looks less red than the RR homozygotes. However, when examined carefully, the roan phenotype in cattle is actually due to a mixture of completely red hairs and completely white hairs. Should this be called incomplete dominance, codominance, or something else? Explain your reasoning.

Describe the inheritance pattern of maternal effect genes. Explain how the maternal effect occurs at the cellular level. What are the expected functional roles of the proteins that are encoded by maternal effect genes?

You have a female snail that coils to the right, but you do not know its genotype. You may assume that right coiling (D) is dominant to left coiling (d). You also have male snails at your disposal of known genotype. How would you determine the genotype of this female snail? In your answer, describe your expected results depending on whether the female.


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