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Why is it good to be wrong in the scientific sense? We’ll find the answer to that question through what’s called the scientific method.

Use the information learned from the website and from the assigned reading to describe a real-life situation in which you applied the scientific method to solve a problem or answer a question

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Solution-Describe real-life situation in which you applied | Homework Help
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Identify each step specifically in your written assignment (e.g., the Observation, the Question, the Hypothesis, the Experiment, and the Conclusion)


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Answering to the first question, mistakes are part of human life, and when the topic of science comes, history says every big research involves lots of errors. In scientific term, this is called as “Fallibilism” which fails in Truism. Paradoxes seem to appear when one considers the implications of one’s own fallibility: A fallibilist cannot claim to be infallible even about fallibilism itself.

And so, one is forced to doubt that fallibilism is universally true. Truth in Science starts with a concept which does not have facts. Then those facts were collected in order to prove the concept which may come true or may fail. This is the way of working of Science and in this case it is very obvious that not all the concepts are going to crack or work.

Taking this into consideration it is better to be proven wrong rather not even taking a step forward and try the so called idea in mind. There are many facts and realities around the world and universe which need a scope to be proven. This will be only possible if a scientist is open to taking risks and to hold a positive mentality of finding the truth, not the fear of failing or been proven wrong (Lambert, & Black, 2012).


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