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You have been discussing your new “molecular prowess” and people have noticed. You have been given the opportunity to propose a molecular assay and develop a molecular laboratory. This will require that you write a proposal to administration. This proposal must include your assay design and equipment list. You must propose how you would use the available space given the included floor plan. Each section of this exercise will require that you adhere to the space limitations.


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Solution-Describe how you would control contamination | Homework Help
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The gene you will need to design a test around is provided. The polymorphism is noted:

301 gtcagcccca tggtggtggc tggggacagc cacatggtgg tggaggctgg ggtcaaggtg

361 gtagccacag tcagtggaac aagcccagta agccaaaaac caacaygaag catgtggcag

421 gagctgctgc agctggagca gtggtagggg gccttggtgg ctacatgctg ggaagtgcca

481 tgagcaggcc tcttatacat tttggcaatg actatgagga ccgttactat cgtgaaaaca

Describe in detail the assay you will design. Be as specific as possible. No make believe enzymes or reagents. Nothing magical.

At a minimum your description should include:

-A diagram indicating where any primers or probes would anneal to the above sequence (you can annotate the sequence above).
-A list of any reagents needed, i.e. oligonucleotides, enzymes, etc.
-A statement of how you will detect the polymorphisms
-Controls needed
-The concentrations and formulations of any gels used
-The concentrations and components of any enzymatic reactions used
-A diagram of how the results of your assay would appear including controls, a homozygous individual and a heterozygote.

Priniciple of test:

Reagents needed:

Controls needed:

Outline of assay:

Diagram of results:


Given the following floor plan, indicate how you would assign the activities related to your assay. Be sure to describe how you would control contamination. At a minimum it is expected that you will include areas for:

Specimen processing Data Analysis
Reagent preparation Storage

Show where refrigerators, freezers, thermocyclers, safety equipment, hoods and other equipment.

Be sure to indicate traffic flow if it is integral to your contamination control plan.

You are not allowed to aID, move or remove walls. You can aID doors if you feel it necessary 1/2″ = 5 ft


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This assignment contains two parts: The first part of the assignment includes design of a molecular assay and the second part is related to design of molecular laboratory. In the first part, design of molecular assay is done. A given DNA sequence is analysed and polymorphisms are detected from it using RFLP. In the second part, a molecular biology laboratory having 6 parts is designed.


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