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• American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
• The Council for Exceptional Children Division for Children With Communicative Disabilities and Deafness

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Solution-Deafness and hearing loss | Homework Help
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• What distinguishes a child who is deaf from a child who is hard of hearing in terms of the primary sensory mode used for learning and communication?

• How might deafness affect a child’s acquisition and use of speech and language, academic achievement, and social functioning?

• What implications for a child’s education result from the type of hearing loss and age of onset?

• How do students who are deaf or hard of hearing use technologies and supports to amplify, supplement, or replace sound?

• How do oral/aural, total communication, and bilingual-bicultural approaches to teaching students who are deaf and hard of hearing differ in their philosophies and methods?

• How might membership in the Deaf culture influence a student’s and his family’s perspectives and wishes regarding educational placement?


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