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The term Species mean in my definition is a person or a group of people having the similar or the same ability or personality.
Three example of different species The offspring,organism,chromosomes. You have 2 bird. They look similar but different species. For instance a eagle and a night owl or a parrot. they are similar but they are different bird or different organism.

Economist- Beetle and Bugs. Beetle can be confused with other kind of insects especially the real bug. Look at the wings sect. cause most insects have wings. You look at the bug differ than the other. One mouth is made for sucking and the other bug mouth is made for eating. Just like a mosquitoes is made to suck the blood from a human or animal a body but a certain flying like a yellow jacket insect is made to prey on plant.

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Solution-Create the project as if it came from them | Homework Help
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Science self-conducting. In my thought on this task. I think the scientist has the right to misconduct simply fact cause will experient and create any new project with his or her new ideas and the other will act if they came up with the idea or will steal your ideas and create the project as if it came from them.. This is why most scientist say they are self correct.


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