Solution-Contrast asexual and sexual reproduction | Homework Help

1. Compare and contrast asexual and sexual reproduction.

2. Explain why both sexual and asexual reproductive strategies still exist (ie, why doesn’t every organism reproduce sexually? Why doesn’t every organism reproduce sexually?).

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Solution-Contrast asexual and sexual reproduction | Homework Help
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3. Discuss why sexual reproduction is so prevalent given that asexual reproduction is so much more efficient.

4. Contrast the three primary means of asexual reproduction.

5. Describe the three steps of sexual reproduction and explain why the mating/spawning step exhibits such diversity.

6. Describe obstacles that needed to be overcome for organisms to reproduce on land and how those obstacles were overcome.

7. Describe the composition and function of semen.

8. Summarize the process by which sperm are produced and readied for use.

9. Label a diagram of the male and female reproductive systems.

10. Predict the outcome if any component of the male or female reproductive systems does not function properly.

11. Explain the role of each part of the male and female reproductive systems.

12. Explain the process of egg development and release from the ovary.

13. Discuss the role of LH, FSH, estrogen, and progesterone in the maturation of human eggs.

14. Predict the outcome if levels of hormones involved in human egg maturation/ovulation are altered.

15. Explain the role of the oviducts in fertilization.

16. Trace the path of sperm travel in a human male and female.

17. Discuss the steps that occur as a sperm fertilizes an egg.


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