Solution-Congenital disorders of the skeleton system | Homework Help

Using the two pathologies below complete and submit the following on BOTH pathologies .

Skeletal System

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Solution-Congenital disorders of the skeleton system | Homework Help
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  • Congenital Disorders of the Skeleton System/ SCOLIOSIS
  • Age-Related Skeletal Abnormalities/Osteoporosis

Discuss the anatomy of the pathology and how it changes the organ system.  In other words, what is the pathology and how does it change the functions of the organ system you selected!

  • Include the  cause of the pathology
  • Include any specific age, gender or environmental relationships that are related  to the pathology
  • What are the treatment options
  • What is the Prognosis or how will the patient health react to this pathology at the end of the treatment. . .will the patient get better or return to normal?  will the patient remain the same after treatment. .for example!

Include  new research for the treatment of the pathologies.   (Be sure to include who is conducting this research).  Do an internet research and fine new research on each of the pathologies.  Include the name of the research, who conducted the research, what is/are the goals of the research and how does it work?


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