Solution-Components of the endomembrane system | Homework Help

Please reply to the following questions in a well-crafted response to this posting. Also respond to at least two other posting from a classmate with an opinion, aIDition, or general helpful comment. All responses must contain at least 100 words. For full credit, link to a webpage which pertains to the subject.

Discussion part 1:

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Solution-Components of the endomembrane system | Homework Help
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1) Compare the structures and functions of the following components of the endomembrane system: rough endoplasmic reticulum, smooth endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, lysosomes, and vacuoles.

(2) List those organelles that are specific only to plants and note their functions, including some commentary as to why you believe such a function might be important to the plants survival.

(3) Compare the structure and function of chloroplasts and mitochondria.

(4) Compare the structure and functions of cilia and flagella.

Discussion part 2:

(1) Briefly define entropy and explain why entropy must be overcome by living things. Examples of entropy are also appreciated.

(2) Explain how ATP powers cellular work.

(3) In your own words, define what a catalyst is and how it relates to biological systems.

(4) What is an enzyme and why are enzymes crucial in carrying out chemical reactions in the cell?


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