Solution-Chemicals of life and cell structures | Homework Help

“Chemicals of Life and Cell Structures”

Instructions: Select one of the following discussion topics for your primary post, which should aIDress the discussion question in at least 125 words. Also, please respond to a fellow student on any topic.

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Solution-Chemicals of life and cell structures | Homework Help
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Discussion Topic 1: Read Arnold’s (2014) article about Carl Woese. What did Woese hope to accomplish by studying ribosomal RNA? Would you say that he was successful? Describe what set Woese apart from his contemporaries.

Discussion Topic 2: Watch the Instructor’s video on “Chemicals of Life” in the “Instructor’s Insights” area of Week 2. Explain something you learned from the video and how it relates to this week’s lesson.

Discussion Topic 3: Read the Zimmer (2015) article, What is unique about the Lokiarchaeum organism described in the article? What is the possible significance of it?


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