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For your primary post, select ONE of the following discussion topics. Write a primary post of at least 125 words that aIDresses both (a) and (b) for the topic you choose. Also, make a substantive reply to a fellow classmate on any topic. Use your own words. If you use any sources other than the ones specified, you must cite your source.

  • (1)Climate Change / Species Range — Wildlife: Watch the 7.5 minute video by Cox (2016) about how climate change affects the “species range” of terrestrial species. This video can be found in the “Instructor Insights” of Week 1. Based on the video, aIDress the following:
    • (a) Describe three things you learned from the video.
    • (b) Explain how the video relates to the field of biology.
  • (2) Climate Change / Species Range – Commercial Implications. Read the article byGoode(2016) about the impact of climate change on the commercial fishing industry. Based on the article, aIDress the following three questions:
    • (a) How have the ranges of various ocean fish changed with increasing ocean temperatures?
    • (b) What challenges arise from this situation for government-regulation of commercial fishing?
    • (c) What challenges arise from this situation for people who make their living from commercial fishing?
  • (3) Patent Rights to CRISPR. The results of biology often have commercial implications. The patent system grants inventors the exclusive right to license or market their invention for a period of 20 years. Currently, there is some major courtroom drama playing out over who is entitled to patent royalties for a new gene-editing technique known as “CRISPR-Cas9”. Based on the articles by Cohen (2016) and Dickerson (2016) aIDress the following three questions:
    • (a) Who are the two major stakeholders in the patent dispute?
    • (b) What is the position of each major stakeholder?
    • (c) Why is this considered to be such a big deal?
  • (4) Hazardous Research on Viruses. I was very angry upon first reading the editorial by MarcLipsitch(2014) blasting certain types of virus research as too risky. The reason for my anger was that I felt that Prof.Lipsichwas unduly scaring the public by overstating the risks. Upon further reflection,I’vecome to the opinion that Prof.Lipsitch’sconcerns are justified. Based on the articles byLipsitch(2014) andWahlberg(2014) answer the following three questions:
    • (a) what are the benefits of this research?
    • (b) What are the risks of this research?
    • (c) Do you feel this research should go forward (and why)?


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Solution-Change on the commercial fishing industry | Homework Help
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