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Nutrition Assignment

Carbs, Fats and Proteins are the 3 “energy yielding” nutrients of the 6 classes of Nutrients. They are referred to as the “Macro-nutrients” as we need more of these than we do vitamins and/or minerals.

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Solution-Can your body make glucose from proteins and from | Homework Help
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For this post, please aIDress the following questions. Be sure to post the “source” of your information at the bottom of your post and also remember to comment on a classmates post as well (please refer to the syllabus for details on how to complete the discussion board post- There is also a discussion board grading rubric available for your review)

Questions for Discussion Board Post:

1) Are low Carb diets as great as they are portrayed to be in the media? List 2 positives and 2 negatives of this type of diet

2) Since glucose is our body’s preferred source of energy- if you do not consume adequate amounts of Carbs (Glucose) what happens in the body?

3) John is a body builder and is getting ready for his upcoming competition- he wants his muscles to be leaned up and defined. If John calculated that he needed 60 grams of protein per day, and he started eating 90 grams- will this extra protein help his muscles get bigger ? Leaner? Explain

4) Can your body make glucose from proteins? from fats?

5) Which fats are said to be healthier saturated or unsaturated? Why? Which cholesterol is said to be healthier, LDL or HDL? Why?

In your post, please answer these questions and be sure to provide the source(s) of your information.


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