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A total of 17.70 mL of 0.1200 M NaOH was required to reach a phenolphthalein endpoint during titration of a 5.00 mL sample of juice. Calculate the number of moles of H+ per mL of juice.

Assuming the acid is citric acid and that all three ionizable hydrogens are neutralized, calculate the number of milligrams of citric acid per mL of juice. The molecular weight of citric acid is 192.1 g/mol.

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Solution-Calculate the number of moles | Homework Help
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In the above question, it is assumed that citric acid is the sole acid in the juice sample. Knowing that other acids are present, how would the actual citric acid concentration vary from your calculated value?

If the acid present in your juice is only malic acid with only two ionizable hydrogens, what would your new value be for the milligrams of acid/mL of juice


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