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• Association for Science in Autism Treatment
• Autism Society of America
• Asperger’s Disorder Home page
• The Council for Exceptional Children Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities

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Solution-Autism spectrum disorders | Homework Help
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• What are the defining features-the clinical symptoms-for a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD)?

• How might some of the characteristic behaviors of autism spectrum disorders become assets for the child as a learner?

• What factors might account for the enormous increase in the prevalence of autism spectrum disorders in recent years?

• How have etiologic theories and the search for causes of autism changed from the first reports of the disability to today?

• Why are research and development of tools for early screening and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders so critical?

• What skills are most important for teachers of children with autism spectrum disorders?

• What features of an educational environment (a general education classroom, resource room, or special class) will enable a child with autism spectrum disorders to benefit optimally from placement in that setting?

• Why are fads and unproven interventions so prevalent in the education and treatment of children with autism?


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