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In this Application, you are asked to make interdisciplinary connections between the field of leadership and a specific architect. Drawing connections between seemingly disparate pieces of information is a higher level cognitive task-one that you will be asked to continue to practice throughout your Master of Science in Leadership program. To prepare for this Application, begin by reviewing this week’s Learning Resources. Then, conduct an Internet search to obtain research about architect Frank Lloyd Wright. When you have gathered the information you will need, compose a 300- to 400-word response to the following questions:

  • If leaders are architects of organizational culture, as the title of this course implies, what do leaders frame, design, or build?
  • Draw a parallel between the work of architect Frank Lloyd Wright and the work of leaders within an organizational context.
  • Finally, connect the work of Wright and your study of “building organizational culture” to the vision and mission of Walden University.

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Solution-Architects of organizational culture | Homework Help
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