Solution-A retired couple discovers the skeletal remains | Homework Help

The discovery:  A retired couple discovers the skeletal remains of an unknown individual while out bird watching at the Montlake wetlands area.  The body had been dumped into the wetlands, and had been submerged and hung up in vegetation for an unknown time period.

Missing persons:  There are two fairly recent missing person’s cases that are relevant to this discovery:

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Solution-A retired couple discovers the skeletal remains | Homework Help
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  • Case 1:  Male, age 28, 5′ 11″ tall, weight 180 lbs.  Native American.  Construction worker, currently employed at a big job site in Bellevue.  Broke his left radius while in junior high school, playing baseball.  Does rock climbing as a hobby.  Dental records not available.  Family says he took good care of his teeth, but unknown if he had any fillings.
  • Case 2: Male, age 36, 5′ 11″ tall, weight 180.  Caucasian.  Software developer at Microsoft.  Plays no sports.  Fractured left radius three years ago while on vacation (slipped and fell at the poolside).  Hobbies include going out with friends on the weekend, and video gaming with friends.  Family moved from Midwest, dental records destroyed in clinic fire in their hometown.  Family said he had “perfect teeth.” 

Your task:  What are some clues in the skeleton you can look for that will help you decide if this skeleton belongs to one of these men?  List five things you could look for.



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