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Essay #3: Critical Analysis
The analysis essay asks you to look at the parts of something to see how they work together. You will be focusing on how an author uses the three rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos, logos) in writing and what effect those appeals have on the passage, noting specifically how they help the author achieve his/her purpose (or don’t).
You are going to choose the article you will work with from one of the five articles in your annotated bibliography.
Your essay should be formatted as follows:
• Introduction: Use an introduction strategy to hook the reader. Introduce and summarize the essay for analysis, and present your thesis. Your thesis will provide your own debatable claim about the effectiveness of the work in question. The introduction should also include information about the purpose and the audience.
• Body paragraphs: Each paragraph will start with a topic sentence, which will explain what appeal you’ll be talking about in that paragraph. If you are talking about more than one appeal, you will address more than one appeal in your topic sentence. Then you’ll provide at least one (but preferably more) pieces of evidence to support that claim. All evidence will be quoted and cited. You’ll also explain how the evidence is an example of that appeal (your explanation would come after each quote). Finally, you’ll wrap up the paragraph by relating it back to your thesis—is that appeal effective at helping the author achieve his purpose?
• Conclusion: Take a final look at the effectiveness of the essay based on the appeals the author uses. Do not summarize what you have written in the essay; instead, you can connect back to your hook at the beginning, provide an explanation of why the article is useful, or extend the argument to talk about what should come next.
• Your essay will also have a Works Cited page and parenthetical citations. If those are missing, you will receive a 0 on the essay (see the plagiarism statement on the syllabus). You will not use any sources other than the original source.
Remember, an appeal can be present and not be effective. Also remember that an appeal is the author’s attempt to persuade you.
Due Dates and Length Requirements: See unit calendar

Analyze a simple part using Solidworks, write a report. Both requirement and example report for reference in the attachment

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Solidworks FEA and Report Assignment | Online Assignment
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