Soldier’s Home

Paper instructions

Meyer, Michael and D. Quentin Miller eds. The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature. 12th
ed. Boston: Bedford. 2020.

On a separate Word document, respond to the following questions in thoughtful and well-written responses. They should be three to five sentence that demonstrate you read and considered the texts. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation count. Please double-space.

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Soldier’s Home
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For “Killings,” respond to questions 3 and 9 on page 63.

For “Soldier’s Home,” respond to question 5 on page 114 as well as the following: How do the pictures at the beginning of the story serve as the “exposition” (in other words, what do they tell us about Krebs that we need to know for his behavior to be believable?

There are four questions in total to answer (remember to check the rubric).


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