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SOCI 1101
Dress Codes: A Misandrist Approach
For a moment imagine that you are back in high school. Now imagine that you are a
female who is currently sitting in the principal’s office. “The reason?”, you might ask. You wore
a shirt that was too revealing. “Well, what was I wearing?”, another reasonable question to
consider. You just so happened to be wearing a tank top that revealed your shoulders.
Astounded? You should be. Not only was your shirt considered too revealing, but you are also
now having to go home for the rest of the day causing you to miss out on valuable educational
material. As if this wasn’t enough, you are now placed on a list to count the number of times you
wear “revealing” clothing items to school so that in the future you may be suspended and, in
some cases, kicked out of school. All of this seems unreasonable, and frankly hard to believe,
but, in fact, this happens to females everyday throughout American schools. So why has society
allowed these misogynistic dress codes to be enforced and when will they be banned?
According to Leah Shields “Data shows in March, 90 percent of dress code violations at
Bartram Trail High School were for girls” the article continues on to state that “For the entire
school year up until about February, 83 percent of dress code violations at nearly all the schools
were for girls” (Shields 2021: para 2). In another article titled The Issue with Dress Codes by Ary
Eagen, it states that “The majority (56.1%) of respondents said they have not been dress coded,
but 43.9% reported that they have. 79.3% of the respondents stated they knew a female peer that
has been dress coded, 3.7% said they knew a boy, 11% said they knew no one that has, 4% said
they knew people of both sexes that have been dress coded” (Eagen 2020: para 13).
In American society it has become an everyday occurrence that females are sent home for
wearing clothes that are deemed “too revealing” or inappropriate for school. Dress codes in
America are not supposed to be discriminatory in any way. However, it seems that school
systems have found a way to implement discriminatory rules in accordance with federal
legislation. According to J. N. Martin

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