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sociology 102;

Please provide at least a one page (double-spaced) response to two of the three questions below. Your exam should be 4-5 pages in length not including a reference page, which is required. You

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sociology 102; | Homework Help
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should include in-text citations from at least one outside source.
Please plan on submitting both a paper and digital copy of your final exam.
I. Health and Medicine Briefly define and discuss the concepts of health and medicine. How does social environment influence health outcomes? Discuss at least two specific social
determinants of health and their potential to impact health outcomes. How is social inequality related to health in the U.S.? What effect does the relationship between low social status and

increased stress levels have on society?
Briefly describe your ideal health care system and how it would be organized. Would you let the government, private corporations, or a combination of both control the administration of health

care? Why? Who would be covered under your ideal health care system? How would you find the available budget to administer this system?
II. Education
From a sociological perspective, what is education and what purposes does it serve for society? Discuss the history of education in the U.S. and specifically the rise of compulsory education.

What brought about the need to mandate education for all Americans?
Discuss the role of racial inequality in American public education systems. How has this issue evolved from one upheld by law to one that embeIDed within our institutions? In what ways is

residential segregation linked to inequalities within American education systems?
III. Social Change Compare and contrast the functionalist and conflict theory perspectives in relation to social change. Discuss the demographic transition theory and population growth

paradox that is occurring in places like
Western Europe and Japan. Why is the U.S. not experiencing a population growth paradox?
Using examples, identify and discuss at least two sources of social change. Which do you think is the most important source of social change and why? How would you organize a social

movement to effect positive social change?


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