social problem that forms a comprehensive sector of social policy

This is an academic research paper 12 – 15 pages in length, written double spaced, 12 point font, APA referencing.

Identify a social problem that forms a comprehensive sector of social policy. This may be a federal or provincial dominant policy (although it should be contextualized within the tri-level government system).

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social problem that forms a comprehensive sector of social policy
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This research paper is constructed so that you will use many of the readings and critical thinking skills that you have developed throughout the course. Please reference according to APA academic referencing. You may also use additional resources.

The following is as framework or guide for major sections of the paper. You may not be able to, or want to answer all questions under each major heading they are simply a guideline. However, each major heading should have some coverage in your paper. It is recommended that you use subheadings when writing your paper.

  1. Take the social problemand identify indicators
    1. Include a discussion about individual well-being. (if there was no problem what would individual well- being look like? Refer to either Maslow’s hierarchy or other models of well-being from Chapter 1
    2. Identify how this is a ‘public problem’ as opposed to a ‘private trouble’
    3. What is the social knowledge about this problem?
      • Note the social and/or economic indicators that make this a social issue
    4. Wherever possible, provide some historical perspective
    5. on both the development of the most current social policy on the issue
    6. on any insight in the developmental process (consultation, previous implementation and evaluation).
    7. These sections will inform any current change process that is occurring in the area of social policy you are writing on and/or direct you to critically think about the optimum process for change (if that is required)
    8. What is the service delivery model?
      1. Describe the role of the government sector (all levels of Canadian government) in the development and implementation of this social policy
      2. Is the organization characterized by vertical, horizontal or organic (alternative) structures?
      3. What is the role of participatory democracy?
      4. How is accountability achieved?
    9. What is the role of service providers?
      1. How does this sector rely on professional, paraprofessional and volunteers?
      2. What is the role (if any) of unpaid caregivers?
    10. Provide some critical analysis. This can be constructed in a way that is relevant to the social issue chosen. However, you may want to consider
      1. Inclusion lens
      2. Social welfare approaches/political ideology
    11. Taking it full circle – if you were a Minister of the federal government what are 3 key principles that you would utilize to develop new social policyaround this issue.
      1. Identify if these are consistent with residual, institutional, or social investment model of social welfare (and argue why you chose this predominant model).
      2. How would you ensure inclusiveness?
      3. What implications do your policy suggestions have for service organizations and service providers?



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