social change and technological change by digital means”

Paper instructions

This course is “social change and technological change by digital means”.
Article’s Title: Carlota Perez (2004), “Technological revolutions, paradigm shifts and socio-institutional change”,
Please read the articles and answer questions. Also, you need to response your own post. Your answer 450 words, response 100 words.

4th week- Online Discussion

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social change and technological change by digital means”
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In Figure 4 of the text, Carlota Perez explains the process of creative destruction of long wave transitions by going through it step-by-step. Select one example of creative destruction your choice. Then walk us through each of the steps outlined in Figure 4. Make sure you read the text before you answer the question to ensure that you understand what she means by each step of the process. Also make sure you make clear which step you refer to at each point of your explanation (you could use bullets to distinguish between them, but don’t have to…).


Your answer should be 450 words


Also, you need to comment your own post. 100 words. (Just think of how someone else will reply your post)




Develop each key concept thoroughly with respect to your chosen example: /1

Explicitly use the terminology mentioned in the readings: /0.5

Grammar, spelling: /0.5

Comment on other’s post: /1


Try to do a more comprehensive and thorough job in explaining how your example relate to the different concepts.


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